Spiedie & Rib Pit has worked its way up the Southern Tier “Spiedie Ladder” and claimed the top spot by offering different toppings, breads, condiments and sauces as a compliment to our char-broiled delicacies. We distinguish ourselves as the only place in the Triple Cities to offer a Gourmet style spiedie.

Greatest marinated chicken in the world!! When we have cookouts, it’s always the pit! Plus the staff is so friendly.

Shane, Endicott, NY

I was introduced to Spiedies and your restaurant about 14 years ago! I’m addicted! I stop in every time we come up!

Jessica, North Myrtle Beach, SC

Best Speidies anywhere. My wife and I will take a drive to Binghamton just for lunch!!! Well worth the trip. And of course we take some home too.

Vince, Scranton, PA

We’ve been making the stop at the Spiedie and Rib Pit for over 15 years. We have family in Buffalo and Rochester and plan our departures to get us to Binghamton at meal times! See you soon!

Dave, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

I grew up in Binghamton, right down the road from this place. I got some marinade for x-mas(send down) Everyone i know here in Houston, TX loves it and asks where to get it!! =) I MISS YOU SPIEDIE & RIB PIT!!!!!

Meg, Houston, TX

We love the Spiedie Rib Pit!!! We stop to and from our way between our house in Virginia and our house in the Adirondacks. We even plan our departure times accordingly so that we never miss a stop! Every time we go, we leave with lots of extras to bring home and spread the spiedie love!

Jon, Arlington, VA

I always try to get a least one meal at your resturant when I visit family in Binghamton. Since we don’t have anything like this in NJ. Keep on making yummy food, especially chicken spiedies.

Dara, NJ

The signature of Binghamton and yours are Incredible! I am moving from the area and don’t know what I will do without the smell as I drive by! It will be a sad day for me.

Debbie, Port Crane, NY

Love your marinade and buffalo sauce! Every summer our neighbors and friends in the Seattle area look forward to our SpiedieFest BBQ. Every time I come back home to the Binghamton area to visit, my first stop from the airport is the Spiedie and Rib Pit for a spiedie sub (or two!) Thanks for making the marinade available for easy on-line ordering!

Charlie, Duvall, WA

Being a recent visitor to Binghamton (business) I was introduced to Spiedies and your restaurant. Awesome stuff. I made my first Spiedies last weekend and the family loved it.

Scott, Cedar Rapids, IA

We stop at your place every time we head to the parents in PA. Your ribs and rice pudding are AMAZING! Thanks, keep on cook’n!

Terri, Potsdam, NY

Just saw your Binghamton, NY sign in the movie, “The Rewrite”! I hope to go there some day and try a Spiedie!

Tim, Ogden, UT


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